#1: Starting Out in Web Design

We’re back with our first “real” episode of Freelance Jam. This time we’ve got most of the technical details worked out and Brian is back with a new microphone so things are sounding good all-around.

In this episode we start off with a discussion about some recent news including the new iPad 2 and the release of WordPress 3.1. We then move into a brief chat about what Brian and Dave have each been working on in the past few weeks, which leads into an extended discussion on how each of us started in web design and how we’ve developed our careers.

We’ll be bringing guests on very soon so if you have a suggestion for a guest, please contact us.

Mentioned in this episode:

This episode’s soundtrack:

The sweet sweet tunes in Episode #1 are by the band Junip from their 2010 release, Fields.

Opening clip: “Every Direction”
Closing track: “Always”


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  1. #1: Starting Out in Web Design | Freelance Jam http://ow.ly/1bGI6a

  2. Jesse

    Thanks for the great show and music suggestions. I am just starting out as a part time freelance developer and your first show is already very helpful. Any suggestions on other good sources for information for someone starting out? I am already reading freelanceswitch, menwithpens, nettus+, WPCandy and Think Vitamin. Any other suggestions for site or podcasts?

    • Brian

      Thanks for watching Jesse!

      For podcasts – be sure to check out 5by5.tv. Tons of great shows there. Also check out freelanceradio.com, which is a continuation of the old FreelanceSwitch podcast.

      Other web design blogs I like:


      (to name a few)

  3. Jesse


    Thanks for the tips. A show suggestion that would be helpful to me, not sure about others would be about how to cross disciplines. I am a pure developer, I have no artistic talent or flair at all. Is it worth it for me to try to at least understand the basics of design and if so where do I start? How about for a designer who has never touched code? I severely envy those of your who have talents in both.

  4. Carolann Freeling

    You had a guest,Mike Hughes, and you two talked 90% of the time! FTW?

    • Brian

      Well, we actually treat it more like a roundtable discussion. This particular show was on a topic which all three of us could speak from our experience.

    • Just to be fair, I think we might have actually talked 93.4% of the time. We definitely need to have Mike on again sometime. Good dude.

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