#18: Designing Your Own Portfolio Website with Chris Meeks

Freelance web designer Chris Meeks recently re-launched his brand’s portfolio website (hatbox.co – we think it’s an awesome site!). In this episode, he joined us to talk about what went into that process and what he thinks makes a great portfolio website. We dive topics like where Chris finds inspiration, how he decided what to include and what to leave off of his site, how he is using his site to attract his target clients, and his decision to use a responsive web design approach for the site.

Be sure to follow Chris on Twitter and check out his personal website as well.

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  1. Episode 18 is up! Designing Your Own Portfolio Website with @chrismeeks http://t.co/jfzcrBJy

  2. NEW FREELANCE JAM! >> Designing Your OWN Portfolio Website with @chrismeeks http://t.co/lCwCTwED

  3. The “I versus We” was a dilemma I was having. Thanks for clearing that up. I struggled with it from the point of:
    if its we then I look bigger, if I look bigger, then I must have more credibility.

    I am a one man show, so I will indeed describe my site and services as that. Thanks guys!

    • Brian

      I’ve kind of gone back and forth on the I vs We over the years… but for me, it always comes down to what feels the most authentic. If you’re a one-man show, then stick with “I”. You can also play up the fact that you offer personalized attention, etc. Make it a benefit :)

  4. My site currently says “we” instead of “I”, but I’m going to change that. I’ve debated this for a while now and I’m leaning towards the authentic approach and getting back to embracing the smallness of my business. Small isn’t a bad thing these days. I think a lot of people look at small, nimble companies and freelancers as a great resources for new perspectives and ideas that are very different than what they are accustomed to getting from big agencies and large companies.

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