#21: A Day in the Freelance Lifestyle


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In this audio-only episode, Dave and Brian talk about the lifestyle of a freelancer.  “A day in the life” if you will.  Dave and Brian have slightly different perspectives on the subject.  Dave balances family life with kids and works in a co-working space away from home.  Brian works out of a home office and structures his work schedule around a very demanding dog!

We cover the morning routine, taking extended lunch-breaks, scheduling meetings and calls, lifestyle of a freelancer vs. that of a full-time employee, carving out late night and early morning work sessions, and other random tidbits.

Solo App Contest Winner

As promised, in this episode we announced the winner of the 1 year subscription to Solo App.  So if you signed up, you’ll want to tune in to see if you won!

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  1. Because of you guys I have started to try freelancing on the side. I love my full time job as a network admin, but I have always loved the web and wanted to be part of building it. I am just testing the waters and building my skill taking on small side projects working early in the morning and late at night. It is juggling act to say the least. I have also started implementing WordPress for the public and intranet web pages of the company I work for. Compared to you guys my stuff is small potatoes at this point. I just wanted to say thanks for the show. Its easy to get discouraged and your interviews and discussions keep me inspired and learning. I am sure others feel the same.

    • Brian

      Hi Stephen – Thanks for tuning in and for the kind words :) Great to hear you’re inspired to test out Freelancing. It sounds like you doing it for the right reasons — that you’re passionate about what you do and want to continue doing what you love for a living. With that attitude, you can’t go wrong.

    • That’s awesome, Stephen. Your comment made my day. Stay inspired, and thanks for tuning in!

  2. Another fantastic episode. I am up at 7 and dressed by 9, when I start work. When I moved my business to my home I promised myself that I would get dressed every day and not become one of those that spend all day in their pj’s.

    Any chance on these audio only shows you can post somewhere how long it is? I like to listen from start to finish and knowing how long it is helps.

  3. I wake up at 6:30am, usually dressed by 7:00am and out the door at 7:30am.

    Then I get home from my day job at 5:30pm, switch to gym shorts and start freelance work till midnight.

    • Dave Yankowiak

      Nothing better than working in gym shorts, right? That’s my personal fave. Thanks for checking out the show, Josh.

  4. I tend to get up by 8 and working by 8:45 or 9. I find that 9 days out of 10, I get showered and dressed within 30 minutes of getting up, and before I get to work. Going through the routine of getting dressed and “ready for work” really helps me get into the mindset of actually getting work done.

    • Brian

      My first few months of Freelancing from home, I made a point of putting on “real” clothes in the morning, to make sure I keep the mindset that this is a JOB. Yeah… that didn’t last very long. I work in sweats day in day out now. My neighbors must think I’m a bum when they see me walking the dog at 2pm on a Tuesday in PJ’s.

      Don’t worry, I still shower in the morning though 😛

  5. Piotr

    Hi, I listened every single episode of your podcast and it’s great. I’ d love to be a freelancer, and I am trying to freelance, but it’s tough. I never expected freelancing to be easy sitting in front of your pc, earning money and being able to do whatever you want whenever you want ilifestyle. But when I decided that mu budget needs more fuel, that I need to be financialy independent and that I want to buy few things that are pretty expensive (for example saying goodbye (or smashing ) my pc and saying hello to Mac) I thought that getting freelance projects is best way, especially if I am not sure about my career choice. I read few blogs, getting started as freelancer style blog posts etc. So I thought you are ready :D. But dissapointment came sooner than expected. I was bidding on few projects- almost all of them were fakes- later I disovered that same project description was used about 70 times on one page with different deadlines and budgets. I am getting more annoyed, because I can not earn money, gain experience and so on. So please could you create some episode for someone who wants to start freelancing but has problems with first steps? I do not know anything about programming and webedesign (it scares me, seems so difficult) so I’ d love to hear something more general purpose:D
    Best wishes

    • Thanks for tuning in Piotr-

      My best recommendation for you would be to read FreelanceSwitch.com. That’s probably the most helpful blog on the web for freelancers. They cover all sorts of topics like how to get started, etc.

      They also have a job board which is very high quality. It’s a good place to apply for freelance gigs.

  6. john Coyle

    Its a great show—but its more than that, because it helps newbies like me to learn from the experts. And it has advice for the like of me on the pitfalls to avoid when starting out.

    Great stuff

    John (The Glaswegian)

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