#23: Freelance Writing For A Living With Thursday Bram


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How can a freelancer earn a living as a writer?

If you’ve read any popular sites like CNET, FreelanceSwitch, GigaOM, and Lifehack.org, then chances are you’ve read something written by today’s guest, Thursday Bram. She is everywhere. In this episode she gives us insight into the world of freelance writing for the web.

Thursday answers these questions and more:

  • What led you to a career in writing?  Did you go to school for that?
  • Did you always work for yourself or did you come from a FT job?
  • What does a typical writing project is like?  What do you offer clients, and how do you deliver it?
  • How does the business of blogging work?  What is the typical pay-scale for an article?
  • How do you find paying gigs as a blogger?
  • How do you market yourself and your services?  Does the exposure you get through writing help with attracting clients?
  • How do you jump between writing on vastly different topics from gig to gig?
  • What are some differences when writing for the web vs. writing for print?  Any tips for better web writing?
  • Do you write from a technical/technology perspective at all? How do you make technical content non-boring & fun to read?
  • Can you recommend any resources, books, sites, that could us become better writers, learn “proper” writing skills, etc.?
  • How would one break into the world of professional blogging and getting paid as a writer?  Where do we start?

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