#25: The Latest and Greatest Apps That Make Up Our Web Workflow

In this long overdue episode, Brian and Dave discuss all of the apps that make up their freelance business workflow these days.  From code editors, to productivity and social media – we walk through why each app works for us, and why others didn’t make the cut.

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Hey guys,

    Bryan here. The guy behind CodeKit. Great show!

    I like the idea of injecting local CSS into the DOM of a remote webpage. That would definitely help me out as well, since I would be able to see changes without firing up MAMP to run the website locally. I’ll put this near the top of the list for upcoming additions to CodeKit.

    Also, just FYI: the ability to run a script after compiling is coming. Very soon.

    Thanks for the shout-out and good luck!

  2. Joel

    I’ve recently become a huge fan of Songza as well. Loved the episode guys.

  3. Thanks Brian and Dave. I always enjoy hearing what others are doing out there in the freelance WordPress space. I put together my own list of services and application I use. I thought you might enjoy: http://bst.io/QtZFSi.

    • Awesome list, Austin! I might just steal your idea and put together a similar list on my site. :) Checking out Ting right now – never heard of it but sounds super intriguing.

      • Go right ahead :). I ran into BestVendor a few months ago. I think their list feature is great way to capture the whole process.

        Ting is great. They are a pay per usage cell phone with awesome customer support running on the Sprint network. Depending on how much you use your cellphone you could save a lot of money. They have a cool calculator: https://ting.com/calculator. I was paying $170+ for 2 iPhones on Sprint. Now my monthly bills are around $60-$75 price range for 2 androids.

  4. This was a really interesting episode.

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