#9: Designing Your Web Business with Sarah Bray

Sarah Bray classifies her business, S. Joy Studios, as a strategic web firm. In this episode, you’ll find out what that means for both her clients and her own business. In what ways is she strategic about her own pricing, marketing, hiring, and message? And what does it mean to have a date with your website? In the words of the immortal Dodge Hemi guy: “You’re about to find out.”

Once you’ve watched this episode with Sarah, definitely take the time to read and subscribe to the blog on her website. Most, if not all, of the topics she covers about web design and online business could each be a topic for a Freelance Jam episode. Quality content from a quality web designer and entrepreneur.

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  1. Great episode! It’s good to hear about a freelancer growing into a business. Thanks!

  2. Great episode,
    I love that Sarah is so obviously focused on doing the *right* for clients; I heard a great quote the other day where the web design firm was saying “we’re not here to just take your order”, the point being that the project is a collaborative experience where the designer will pour their expertise in and the desired outcomes may change as you find out more about the real problems (not just the stated ones); this is something i certainly strive to do.

    Dave makes a great point re those squeeze pages (with flashing buttons, lists of features etc) – I mean we could *all* sell like that and hey, perhaps they do improve conversion but, at the end of the day , I want to be proud (as Sarah says) of what I do; I would not be proud of anything which smelt of hard sell or arm twisting; it would feel wrong.

    Sarah also makes a great point when she says “are we going to build all the websites in the world?!”; the market out there is *huge* – don”t be afraid of competion – just out teach them 😉


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