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Q&A: Do You Separate Business Blogging From Personal Blogging?

In last week’s episode, we chatted with Amber Weinberg (@amberweinberg) all about blogging.  It was a fun topic since all three of us are heavy bloggers, yet we all take a different approach.

Amber’s blog at might be considered (to a certain extent) her personal blog, offering ideas and advice to her peers—fellow freelancers and web developers.  But this same site also serves as her portfolio/business site, where she attracts clients.  This seems to work out well for her considering her blog audience and clients are largely the same group of people.

Dave seems to take a different approach.  Dave does most of his blogging at, with an intended audience of freelancers and web workers.  But he keeps his business/portfolio site separate, at  There, he also has a blog, which is clearly targeted more at potential clients.

I keep my personal blogging separate as well, spewing thoughts and ideas at  My business site, currently doesn’t even have a blog, though I’m planning on adding an “insights” section there soon.  For me, those who may follow my personal blogging about entrepreneurship and whatnot are a different audience than my potential clients.

Over to you.

Do you keep a separation between your personal blogging and business blogging?  Why (or why not)?


Q&A: Do you charge a deposit for new projects? How much?

Another topic from last week’s episode about getting paid was the deposit on a new project. The more your getting paid up front, the closer you are moving to a positive cash flow.

So how much do you charge up front? 25%, 50%, or maybe even the full cost of the project? Tell us about your approach on deposits.



Q&A: Do you charge by the hour or use a flat project fee?

One of the topics we discussed in this week’s episode was charging by the hour versus charging a flat fee for a website project. Mike and I revealed that we typically go with an hourly fee, while Brian charges clients a flat project fee.

So we want to know how YOU price and bill your projects. Hourly? Flat fee? Or something else like a percentage of profit? Let us know!