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#16: Behind the Scenes of with Ryan Imel


Ryan Imel is the Editor-in-chief behind, the leading hub for all things WordPress. We caught up with Ryan and found out what it takes to run a site like WPCandy which is updated on a daily basis and receives a decent amount of traffic. We also discussed some of the things that make WordPress the right choice to manage a website of this size and type.

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#5: Blogging with Amber Weinberg


Amber Weinberg is a successful HTML/CSS/WordPress developer from Nashville, TN who has helped build her freelance business through blogging. She’s a regular at Freelance Folder and has also written for Lifehacker, Six Revisions, Think Vitamin, and more. In this episode she describes herself as “outspoken” and that’s what we like about her. She is also a founder of, a social site for developers to post code and give and receive feedback.

Tune in for some blogging tips, ideas to get yourself out there, and find out more about using your blog to promote your products and services to your target markets.

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This episode’s soundtrack:

Brian, the native New Yorker, picked Minnesota-based (aka Dave’s state) hip-hop group Heiruspecs for this week’s tunes. The album is A Tiger Dancing and these guys are TIGHT.

Opening clip: “A Tiger Dancing”
Closing track: “Marching Orders”



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