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#20: Taxes, Accounting, and Business Structures for Freelancers


We must start this episode with two important notes:

1 – We are not accountants, nor attorneys. What we discuss in this episode should not serve as actionable legal or accounting advice. You should always consult your lawyer and accountant for that.

2 – We’re both based in the US, so what we talk about here probably won’t apply to our International audience. But maybe some general ideas might carry over to your neck of the woods.

That being said, in this episode we give our take on questions like:

  • How do you run a freelance business that is compliant in the eyes of the IRS?
  • What is your legal business structure: LLC, sole proprietorship, or corporation?
  • How do you handle paying taxes? Quarterly estimates… etc.
  • Do you have a system for setting aside money for taxes?
  • What types of expenses do you write off as tax deductions?
  • How do you keep track of business expenses?

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#15: Startups on the Side with Toni Gemayel


Toni Gemayel has a lot going on. That’s an understatement, actually. He’s a web developer for Two Giraffes (which features another Freelance Jam guest, Sean Farrell). He’s a full-time “startup scout” for Coloma Ventures which involves regular travel. He’s also someone who launches a lot of startups on the side, including ventures such as Fonadu.

How does Toni find the time to wear all these hats? What are some ways that we as freelancers can launch startups on the side of our freelancing day jobs? At what point do you pull the plug on a side project that just isn’t making any money? We ask these questions and more in this episode.

Mentioned in this episode:

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#12: How Freelancers Effectively Handle Scheduling with Shawn Johnston


Shawn Johnston, Web Designer and Founder of Interlink Conference joins Dave and Brian to talk all about scheduling: Managing timelines, controlling client expectations, ensuring you have a strong pipeline of upcoming work, and more. We also talk about Shawn’s experience running the Interlink Conference.

#11: Podcasting & How it Impacts Your Freelance Web Business


Dave and Brian discuss how the podcast has gone so far, and how it’s impacted their respective web businesses. We talk about what we’ve learned about podcasting—both from a tech standpoint as well as content standpoint—and talk about where the Freelance Jam podcast is headed moving forward.

#9: Designing Your Web Business with Sarah Bray


Sarah Bray classifies her business, S. Joy Studios, as a strategic web firm. In this episode, you’ll find out what that means for both her clients and her own business. In what ways is she strategic about her own pricing, marketing, hiring, and message? And what does it mean to have a date with your website? In the words of the immortal Dodge Hemi guy: “You’re about to find out.”

Once you’ve watched this episode with Sarah, definitely take the time to read and subscribe to the blog on her website. Most, if not all, of the topics she covers about web design and online business could each be a topic for a Freelance Jam episode. Quality content from a quality web designer and entrepreneur.

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