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#24: Balancing Client Work With Personal Projects – w/ Brad Tousnard (WPAppStore)


In this episode, we’re joined by Brad Tousnard, founder of WPAppStore, to discuss the balance between client work and working on a personal project or startup.  Brian shares his thoughts on the subject as well, as he’s been working on his startup, Restaurant Engine, along with client work.

A few of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • How to plan and prepare to invest your time in a startup (while paying the bills).
  • Making the shift away from client work and setting a timeline to do so.
  • How Brad came up with the concept for WPAppStore and how he made the decision to pursue it.
  • How the day-to-day operation changes when doing client work vs. working on personal projects / startups.
  • And other ramblings…
Programming Note:  This episode was our first time using the new Google+ “On Air” feature, which allows us to simultaneously broadcast and record our Google+ Hangout and push it strait to YouTube.  It seemed to work out really well.  The audio and video quality is a bit lacking at times, but it held up nicely over our hour-long conversation.  This new setup saves us LOADS of time in production too.

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#14: How To Find Good Clients


Freelancers not only need to know how to find clients, they need to know how to find good clients.  In this episode, Brian and Dave break down the strategies that have worked for them over their years of freelancing. From working the job boards when you’re starting out, to building a strong referral network, and marketing yourself so that great clients come to you.

Have questions or other tips for landing new clients?  Post them in the comments and let’s keep this conversation going!

Mentioned in this episode:

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#12: How Freelancers Effectively Handle Scheduling with Shawn Johnston


Shawn Johnston, Web Designer and Founder of Interlink Conference joins Dave and Brian to talk all about scheduling: Managing timelines, controlling client expectations, ensuring you have a strong pipeline of upcoming work, and more. We also talk about Shawn’s experience running the Interlink Conference.