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#15: Startups on the Side with Toni Gemayel


Toni Gemayel has a lot going on. That’s an understatement, actually. He’s a web developer for Two Giraffes (which features another Freelance Jam guest, Sean Farrell). He’s a full-time “startup scout” for Coloma Ventures which involves regular travel. He’s also someone who launches a lot of startups on the side, including ventures such as Fonadu.

How does Toni find the time to wear all these hats? What are some ways that we as freelancers can launch startups on the side of our freelancing day jobs? At what point do you pull the plug on a side project that just isn’t making any money? We ask these questions and more in this episode.

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#3: Web Design Process with Jason Schuller


We were fortunate enough to be joined by WordPress theme design master Jason Schuller in this week’s episode. Jason is the founder of Press75 and ThemeGarden, both popular sources of premium WordPress themes. We spent some time discussing our own processes of designing a website: everything from concept to initial sketches to the tools we use to design and code a site.

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Episode #3 features the fantastic collaboration between John Legend and the band The Roots with the album Wake Up!

Opening clip: “Hard Times”
Closing track: “Our Generation”


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