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#19: Ditching Basecamp for Project Management With Google Docs


In an attempt to spice things up around here, we’ve decided to throw in a few shorter episodes where we spend twenty minutes or so discussing topics that might be too specific for a full episode or interview. In the first of these “Freelance Jam briefs,” we discuss our personal project management workflows as they relate to client projects and our own projects. Brian has decided to move most of his project management process over to Google Docs, while Dave is holding strong on the super simple¬†Basecamp¬†app. Find out how and why we are each using the systems that we are.

QUESTION: How do YOU manage your projects?

Big Announcment

Speaking of project management, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s called Solo: Beautiful Project Management for the Freelancer. We’ve teamed up with Solo to give one of our lucky listeners/viewers a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Solo. That’s a $120 value!

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You’ll also be signed up for Solo’s mailing list automatically. You can cancel your subscription to either list at any time, just make sure you’re still signed up when we announce our winner in episode #21 towards the end of February.

Good luck, and be sure to take a closer look at Solo especially in light of the topic we discuss in this episode.

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