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#22: How To Screencast Like A Pro With WP101’s Shawn Hesketh


How do you create a screencast that really makes it enjoyable and easy for viewers to follow along?

We asked screencasting pro Shawn Hesketh of WP101 and LeftLane Designs to take us through every aspect of creating a quality screencast. Shawn started working for himself as a designer back in 1988 and in this episode you’ll hear how his business has evolved over time, especially as his use of screencasting has increased in the past few years. These days, he’s known for his popular WP101 WordPress tutorial videos as well as his screencast work for other companies such as WooThemes and Jilion (SublimeVideo).

Whether you are thinking about creating how-to screencasts for your clients or feature-overview screencasts for potential customers, you’re going to find a lot of great tips in this episode.

Tune in as Shawn answers questions like:

  • How did he first become involved in web?
  • Where did the idea of WP101 come from?
  • What makes a screencast worth watching? How do you create a quality screencast that isn’t boring?
  • What is his screencasting setup in terms of hardware and software?
  • Where should screencasts be hosted and served: YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, etc?
  • How does he plan and execute each screencast in terms of written scripts, video clips, editing, and sizing?
  • What is his approach to finding, creating, and incorporating other elements such as music and text effects?
  • Where should people go to learn more about how to screencast?
  • How does he plan a screencast that is intended more for marketing versus a tutorial video for existing customers?
  • How does he market his video production services?
  • How has his business changed since he’s been screencasting in terms of primary services that he offers?

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