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#8: Orman Clark and the Business of Free


Can you give great stuff away and expect to make any money? Orman Clark does it on a daily basis through his site Premium Pixels. In this episode we dig deeper into how Orman has crafted a site full of self-created freebie graphic files and used it to drive sales of his premium WordPress themes and grow a loyal following.

Orman is an amazingly talented UK-based freelance web designer. By tuning into this episode you’ll gain insight into his creative process, where he finds inspiration, how he finds time to do what he does, and how he’s using “free” to power a successful freelance business.

Mentioned in this episode:

This episode’s soundtrack:

As mentioned in this episode, our guest is from “across the pond” so the tunes will be as well as we play a few tunes from the Travis album The Boy With No Name.

Opening clip: “Selfish Jean”
Closing track: “My Eyes”



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