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#24: Balancing Client Work With Personal Projects – w/ Brad Tousnard (WPAppStore)


In this episode, we’re joined by Brad Tousnard, founder of WPAppStore, to discuss the balance between client work and working on a personal project or startup.  Brian shares his thoughts on the subject as well, as he’s been working on his startup, Restaurant Engine, along with client work.

A few of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • How to plan and prepare to invest your time in a startup (while paying the bills).
  • Making the shift away from client work and setting a timeline to do so.
  • How Brad came up with the concept for WPAppStore and how he made the decision to pursue it.
  • How the day-to-day operation changes when doing client work vs. working on personal projects / startups.
  • And other ramblings…
Programming Note:  This episode was our first time using the new Google+ “On Air” feature, which allows us to simultaneously broadcast and record our Google+ Hangout and push it strait to YouTube.  It seemed to work out really well.  The audio and video quality is a bit lacking at times, but it held up nicely over our hour-long conversation.  This new setup saves us LOADS of time in production too.

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#22: How To Screencast Like A Pro With WP101’s Shawn Hesketh


How do you create a screencast that really makes it enjoyable and easy for viewers to follow along?

We asked screencasting pro Shawn Hesketh of WP101 and LeftLane Designs to take us through every aspect of creating a quality screencast. Shawn started working for himself as a designer back in 1988 and in this episode you’ll hear how his business has evolved over time, especially as his use of screencasting has increased in the past few years. These days, he’s known for his popular WP101 WordPress tutorial videos as well as his screencast work for other companies such as WooThemes and Jilion (SublimeVideo).

Whether you are thinking about creating how-to screencasts for your clients or feature-overview screencasts for potential customers, you’re going to find a lot of great tips in this episode.

Tune in as Shawn answers questions like:

  • How did he first become involved in web?
  • Where did the idea of WP101 come from?
  • What makes a screencast worth watching? How do you create a quality screencast that isn’t boring?
  • What is his screencasting setup in terms of hardware and software?
  • Where should screencasts be hosted and served: YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, etc?
  • How does he plan and execute each screencast in terms of written scripts, video clips, editing, and sizing?
  • What is his approach to finding, creating, and incorporating other elements such as music and text effects?
  • Where should people go to learn more about how to screencast?
  • How does he plan a screencast that is intended more for marketing versus a tutorial video for existing customers?
  • How does he market his video production services?
  • How has his business changed since he’s been screencasting in terms of primary services that he offers?

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#17: Building & Selling WordPress Products with Pippin Williamson


With more and more people using WordPress (our favorite) these days, Pippin Williamson of is using that to build his business as a plugin developer. We chatted with Pippin as he shared some of his thoughts on the market for plugins, using a site like Envato’s Code Canyon versus selling through his own site, and how he provides support to his customers. Other topics that come up include The WPCandy Quarterly print magazine, Pippin’s famous Easy Custom Post Types plugin (it really is awesome!) and Font Uploader plugin, and his new membership-based WordPress development training program.

If you’re wondering what Envato’s approval & pricing process looks like, what makes a “good” plugin, and ways you can create your own functionality products, check out this informative episode with Pippin.

Unfortunately, we experienced an unsurprising Skype crash in the middle of this interview and lost the video recording. But the audio was safe so we’re still posting the video version. 

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#16: Behind the Scenes of with Ryan Imel


Ryan Imel is the Editor-in-chief behind, the leading hub for all things WordPress. We caught up with Ryan and found out what it takes to run a site like WPCandy which is updated on a daily basis and receives a decent amount of traffic. We also discussed some of the things that make WordPress the right choice to manage a website of this size and type.

Mentioned in this episode:

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#14: How To Find Good Clients


Freelancers not only need to know how to find clients, they need to know how to find good clients.  In this episode, Brian and Dave break down the strategies that have worked for them over their years of freelancing. From working the job boards when you’re starting out, to building a strong referral network, and marketing yourself so that great clients come to you.

Have questions or other tips for landing new clients?  Post them in the comments and let’s keep this conversation going!

Mentioned in this episode:

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#13: How Speaking and Attending Conferences Can Boost Your Profile w/ Jake Goldman


Jake Goldman, frequent speaker at WordCamps and founder of, a WordPress development shop, joins Dave and Brian to talk about how speaking engagements can boost your profile as a freelance web professional. We cover meetups, conferences, attending, speaking, networking, and everything in between.

Mentioned in this episode:

Didn’t mention in the episode, but also check out, a fantastic directory of worldwide conferences to attend.

#8: Orman Clark and the Business of Free


Can you give great stuff away and expect to make any money? Orman Clark does it on a daily basis through his site Premium Pixels. In this episode we dig deeper into how Orman has crafted a site full of self-created freebie graphic files and used it to drive sales of his premium WordPress themes and grow a loyal following.

Orman is an amazingly talented UK-based freelance web designer. By tuning into this episode you’ll gain insight into his creative process, where he finds inspiration, how he finds time to do what he does, and how he’s using “free” to power a successful freelance business.

Mentioned in this episode:

This episode’s soundtrack:

As mentioned in this episode, our guest is from “across the pond” so the tunes will be as well as we play a few tunes from the Travis album The Boy With No Name.

Opening clip: “Selfish Jean”
Closing track: “My Eyes”



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#5: Blogging with Amber Weinberg


Amber Weinberg is a successful HTML/CSS/WordPress developer from Nashville, TN who has helped build her freelance business through blogging. She’s a regular at Freelance Folder and has also written for Lifehacker, Six Revisions, Think Vitamin, and more. In this episode she describes herself as “outspoken” and that’s what we like about her. She is also a founder of, a social site for developers to post code and give and receive feedback.

Tune in for some blogging tips, ideas to get yourself out there, and find out more about using your blog to promote your products and services to your target markets.

Mentioned in this episode:

This episode’s soundtrack:

Brian, the native New Yorker, picked Minnesota-based (aka Dave’s state) hip-hop group Heiruspecs for this week’s tunes. The album is A Tiger Dancing and these guys are TIGHT.

Opening clip: “A Tiger Dancing”
Closing track: “Marching Orders”



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#3: Web Design Process with Jason Schuller


We were fortunate enough to be joined by WordPress theme design master Jason Schuller in this week’s episode. Jason is the founder of Press75 and ThemeGarden, both popular sources of premium WordPress themes. We spent some time discussing our own processes of designing a website: everything from concept to initial sketches to the tools we use to design and code a site.

Mentioned in this episode:

This episode’s soundtrack:

Episode #3 features the fantastic collaboration between John Legend and the band The Roots with the album Wake Up!

Opening clip: “Hard Times”
Closing track: “Our Generation”


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